Everyone who has been, highly recommends LetsTest, so I decided this year I would attend. I had no real goals or things I wanted to get out of the conference, I guess I was somewhat biased by all the awesome people I knew were attending, thinking that it would just be awesome.

It was.

But as I find with the more conferences I attend, it wasn’t the talks/workshops that made it awesome, actually some of them were really disappointing, but we will get to that. It’s the people. LetsTest attracts the best, by this I don’t mean all the reputable testers, the “experts”; but most are there. I mean the people who really care about their craft, people eager to learn and importantly people eager to share.

Here’s where LetsTest has its edge. The venue. The setting is simply stunning. There was an immediate release upon arriving, everything else on my mind left me, testing was all my mind needed to consider. I didn’t have to think about finding my way to the conference venue, where I should eat, where peers hotels are and very important, where are the pubs/bars! I was already at all those places.

The sun was shining, which always helps. I checked in, I didn’t know what to expect, the room was included in the ticket, I hadn’t had to spend hours (probably just me that makes it take this long) searching for the right hotel. A good distance from the conference, is anyone else staying here and of course how much is it! I had none of this, “your room is 311, sir, WiFi is available all over the site, enjoy” and off I went. The room was basic but fully equipped, but did have one unique feature, this view!!!

View from my room at Lets Test
View from my room at Lets Test

I decided to go for a run to get the travel out of my system, never really understood that saying, but I felt great and energised after it, so meh. Time to explore the rest of the venue, but also stick to my point about why the venue gives LetsTest the edge.

Everyone is in the same place for the duration of the conference. Everyone eats at the same place, drinks at the same place, parties at the same place and of course talk testing at the same place. There is no expensive phone calls or internet usage trying to find which bar people have gone to, or that awkward moment when you hear people planning a trip to a restaurant, “excuse me, do you mind if I tag along”. Or trying to find the restaurant once you have asked if you can attend. Nope, none of this, mind is free, everyone is at the same place.

On the subject of food, oh wow, did we get some good food. OK, now we are on the subject of beer, oh wow, did we get some beer. Lots of beers to chose from, but remember this is Sweden so its vital you find a Swede to buy your beer for you, so much cheaper that way….

In summary, the venue is simply fantastic, everyone staying, eating and partying in the same place for the whole duration, for me, meant that I was so much more relaxed, knew exactly where to go if I wanted to find some people to talk testing to.

DAMN! Of course this was a conference, what about the conference Richard. Lets be frank, I had highs and lows with my selections, but what conference doesn’t? I have no more to say on talks, tutorials or workshops. Grrrrrrrr I wanted to know more about the conference I hear you cry. Well I have been talking about the conference. LetsTest is so much more then here is a bunch of speakers doing some workshops/tutorials and talks, it’s an environment tailored to allow people to confer. When you have the kind of people attending as mentioned above, this is exactly what you want to be doing with your time.

“Let’s Test Conferences on Context-Driven Testing - For Testers, By Testers”

This is exactly what you get. All the noise is removed, leaving you to do what drew you to attending LetsTest in the first place, to collate information about testing, to share your information about testing and to have a damn good time doing it.

I will be back for sure in 2015.