That chapter, is my chapter. I am relocating to Hampshire, due to work for both me and my partner. Therefore I have hosted my last #NottsTest :(

It has been an absolute pleasure hosting this meetup, there has been nine NottsTest I have hosted running from May 2nd 2013 to 6th November 2014, I want to thank all the following people for speaking at these events:-

  • Andy Glover x2
  • Bill Matthews
  • Tim Munn x3
  • Simon Knight
  • Stephen Blower
  • Julian Higman
  • Jonathan Roe
  • James Salt
  • Me x3
  • Johan Atting

and of course a huge thank you for all the people that attended these events. It’s hard to run a meetup without people! Also a huge thank you to all the sponsors of NottsTest, keeping speakers and attendees feed and watered, well I say watered…. we all love a beer!

Hosting NottsTest really has been all the things I set out wanting it to be. I wanted an event for the testers of Nottingham to network and share their experiences, I would guess at least 50+ people have attended, so we most definitely achieved this!

I also wanted to create a platform for people to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and experiences, a platform for people to practice talks with an eye to submitting them to conferences, or doing dry runs of conference talks. We certainly achieved this, Tim and Jonathan did their first talks at NottsTest, and well as you can see Tim certainly got a taste for it!

I wanted to form friendships, I wanted others to form friendships, I wanted to strengthen friendships, all these happened. People have been successful in finding jobs via NottsTest, which I personally think is awesome!

I am sure this won’t be the last meetup I host, it’s an incredibly rewarding thing to do. The networking can be really beneficial, seeing people do there first talk is a great feeling and well, all being said, they are just really really good fun!

But am confident this will also not be the end of NottsTest, I am really confident someone will pick up from where am I leaving and continue this awesome event. If that person is you, then please do get in touch, I am more than happy to help you with your first few meetups. 

So once again, thank you so much to everyone who has been involved with NottsTest, its been a great chapter in my meetup book and the NottsTest book, but neither one of these books is complete.