So TestBash is coming to New York!!! You can read why here.

Having been extensively involved with Ministry of Testing for many years now, I can’t tell you how awesome this is! Attending a TestBash conference is truly a unique experience, it’s personal, it’s focused on testing, no sales pitches, it’s relevant, it’s practical and created by awesome people for your benefit.

Now, here is a brief sad part, sadly I cannot make TestBash NYC, I have commitments that unfortunately I cannot miss. I would have been the first to purchase if I wasn’t already busy. Firstly because New York is awesome, had the privilege of visiting in 2014 for a different conference, but secondly because its TestBash!!!

So I want to give others the chance to attend on my behalf, so I’m giving away 5 tickets to the conference day, the speakers and talks are here, but even before you read that, I can tell you that they are all awesome, some of them I consider friends.

So what do you have to do, to get one of these free tickets? I am glad you asked!

  1. Tell me why you want to attend this awesome conference, saying it’s awesome, isn’t enough!
  2. Post the conference, I will be in touch asking you to write me a few paragraphs about your experience at the conference, that we can share on your blog or my blog or even on the ministry of testing site, so others can hear form someone else how awesome TestBash is.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning please complete this form telling me why you want to attend!

To finish this though, why am I doing this? As I said at the start, if I wasn’t busy I would have brought a ticket instantly. Secondly, I really believe in the goal of the Ministry of Testing, I have the privilege of being involved in it every day, if I can help them expand their reach, I know this will result in many many more testers feeling the benefit of the Ministry of Testing. On top of that, if I can help five testers experience such a great conference which I know will influence their careers, well that just makes me feel awesome, and I like feeling awesome.

If you get this far, please share this will all you can, so as many people get the chance to enter this.

The form to enter is here. Deadline is Midnight (UK Time) on Monday 19th October.
Note: The competition is just for a free ticket to the conference, you will be responsible for the cost of your travel and accommodation.