So about a month ago, a ran a competition to win one of five tickets to TestBashNY. Part of the deal of entering the competition was that, if you won, you would agree to write a short post/article about your day at TestBashNY.

Here is Herman Ching talking about his TestBashNY experience.

Test bash, was great in it’s mature offering and highly accepting of the seemingly young community of testers. After the conference was over and a few drinks, I felt satisfied that the conference was worthy of my time. I will be attending my first few meet ups in New York city soon.

It was my first time at testing conference, my first time writing anything published on a public blog and my second time writing this. I walked in waiting and sitting in a chair in a dark theatre. With time master Mark on the mike, I was ensure a very prompt schedule.

From collaboration to profanity, it was a wide range of offerings. I could make a few recommendations but I am going to hold onto those. I learn a few things I will be taking back to my work but I am not going to share those either. I want to eliminate bias which I did have a lot of the first time I wrote about my experience a test bash. Let this conversation set the tone and hopefully that alone will entice you to review the content that was offered if not the mysterious I seem to have just created should grow some curiosity.

The talks set a tone I immediately could not relate to until the plethora of 99 second talks. Someone asked me half way through during the break, what did I think of the talk. I did not have an answer. Normally my immediate go to response was “it was good, I am learning a lot”. I kept that aside and instead said “I wasn’t sure yet, still a lot of content to digest”. One could easily recommend just view the videos/presentations online once it was over. I had to take something away from this conference that static could not offer. Time to start talking.

Beyond personal stories from audience or advise from the speakers, I could say my biggest inspiration came from the concern, the lack of exposure the general community had around testing. Being a father of two, I could relate to Anna who wanted to created more exposure. Additionally from Helena seemingly water colored presentation and Selena growing hooks into the community, I want to give back. I am inspired to make a children book on testing and I hope to make it available to the testing community. This whole conference entice me to do just that. I could only imagine what’s it doing it for everyone else.