So, the folks at European Testing Conference 2017 are awesome, because they share the profits with the people who play a large part in making the event happen, the speakers. So this year I did a workshop and a talk, therefore I earned free conference ticket for the 2017 event in Helsinki, or the money, I opted for the ticket.

I’m taking a sabbatical next year, and therefore unable to use this ticket, so I’m going to give it away!

So the conference is taking place in Helsinki on the 9th-10th February 2017. This competition is for the ticket ONLY, I’m not offering travel and accommodation.

So, how do you enter, and importantly give yourself a chance to win?

Well, I started a YouTube channel called Whiteboard Testing, the purpose of the channel is to offer short informative videos on testing, no longer than 10 minutes. So to enter, I want you to create a video for the YouTube channel.

The rules:-

  • This can be on any topic you believe relates to testing
  • IMPORTANT, please don’t mention that this is for the competition during the video
  • You do not need to use a whiteboard specifically, it could be a piece of paper stuck on a wall or a chalkboard, but there should be some visualisation to support the talk
  • Submit your video to me at richard[email protected] along with a title and description of the video for YouTube
  • I suggest you watch some of the existing videos to get an idea of the pattern
  • You can enter as many different videos as you wish

The competition ends on the 31st October 2016

I will then form a team of testing excellence to determine which we believe is the best video, and they win the ticket!!!