I talk a lot about automation, I enjoy talking about automation.
I read a lot about automation, I enjoy reading about automation.
I think a lot about automation, I enjoy thinking about automation.
I write a lot about automation, I enjoy writing about automation.
I write a lot of automation, I enjoy writing automation.

The community seems to like the results of all the above. You share my talks, my blogs, my articles, my podcasts. I get listed on top testers to follow lists, you follow me on social channels, and you watch my short youtube videos. You all rock, you help fuel the fire, I appreciate every one of you.

Others have had similar journies to the one above, such as Mark Winteringham. A person who I’ve personally known for a while, and whose work on API/Web Services I’ve followed and shared for a number of years. Mark and I have also taught a class together over recent years called ‘Automated Checking Beyond WebDriver’. Throughout those years we started working a lot closer with regard to our efforts on automation, striking up a great partnership. It’s that partnership that has led to this, Automation in Testing.


Automation in Testing (AiT) is a namespace initially contributed to by Mark and my self. This is how we view it:

Automation in Testing (AiT) is a mindset and namespace that promotes human-centric automation within the context of testing. AiT focuses on the strategy, creation, usage and education of valuable automation that truly supports our testing activities.

Our goal is not to dictate or claim this is how it should be, we’ll let others continue to do that. It’s the complete opposite. Our goal is to create a collection of resources, use cases and training under the umbrella of AiT. Resources that can be referenced, that can inspire, can guide, can influence, but not dictate. We are not saying this is how it should be, we are saying here is what we think perhaps it can help you?


Anyone who has read a lot of my work knows I take issues with the industries use of ‘Test Automation’, to me it’s become a synonym for automated testing. In my opinion, this is limiting people’s thinking around the use of automation, and how it can support their testing efforts. Therefore when I talk about my thoughts on automation that supports testing, using the word test automation muddles the water, so I personally need to use some others words, those words have ended up being ‘Automation in Testing’ since 2014.


As mentioned already, it will be my self and Mark making this happen. We have independently developed similar thinking with regard to automation, but more importantly, the same with testing. We’ve been working together for a number of years so this is a great progression for us. We both have strong reputations in this space and I believe our views are respected by the community.


The two main methods will be through blogging and training. All our blogs about AiT will be posted over on the new AiT site, https://automationintesting.com. I’ve migrated my three free programming courses to that domain and redirected the existing links. Mark has also added a new one, Javascript/Node.js Basics. We’ll also be presenting lots of AiT material at conferences around the world as well as through various online channels. We are also discussing setting up an annual peer conference solely focused on automation.


The hard work has been ongoing for a few years, but starting now is when you should all start seeing the fruit of this work.
The first is our new three-day class aptly called ‘Automation in Testing’ which is having its inaugural class at TestBash Brighton in March and has already sold out! We didn’t expect this, so huge thanks to the attendees and all who helped share it.

So there we have it, Automation in Testing has a website, so it’s officially a thing. It’s all rather exciting if you ask me!