Sponsor The Friendly Tester Blog

“I’m opening up my blog to non-obtrusive controlled sponsorship/announcements.”

I’ve been considering this for a while. I’ve put a lot of effort into this blog/site since 2012 and the results are I draw a lot of traffic, I’m very proud of this. Allowing subtle sponsorship on my blog will provide me some passive income for all this work, and additional motivation to continue writing. It also allows me to control who/what I advertise under my personal brand.

Reach and Audience

Traffic fluctuates depending on how frequently I’m writing. I’ve not been writing a lot recently, something I’m going to be changing. However, I’m averaging 1200 unique users a day, with a high in the last 30 days (published May 2018) of 2414 and a low of 481 visitors. This will increase as I start to publish regularly, I’m aiming for a post every two weeks.

I’ve a large social following, so when I publish it gets shared across my social network which includes Facebook, Twitter (8000+ followers) and LinkedIn (2500+ followers). My blog is also included in the Ministry of Testing feed, which get’s published to their site and is pushed into their Slack channels.


My blog attracts a global audience, here is the top ten for the last year (May 2017-2018 via Google Analytics)

Country % of sessions
United States 20.98%
India 16.43%
United Kingdom 11.74%
Germany 3.99%
Ukraine 2.79%
Canada 2.72%
Australia 2.53%
Netherlands 2.43%
Poland 2.31%
Russia 2.25%


The announcement/sponsorship banner is positioned at the top of the site on each page. It’s designed to be subtle, non-obtrusive, but effective.

Desktop View

The mobile view followers the same principles.

Desktop View


The max character count is 138, this keeps it to three lines when viewing on a mobile device. Going beyond 138 is not an option. The message should be targeted and accurate, and clearly state who is sponsoring.

Sponsors will be thanked publicly via both my Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, with a combined following of 10k+ people.

I value my brand and reputation highly, and with this sponsorship being placed directly above my own content, it’s important sponsors align with my values. This will mean some just don’t fit, such as PayToSpeak conferences, they won’t be advertised on my site.


The cost is £250 a week, I’m happy to chat if people are interested in sponsoring longer, however, I feel there is more value for all involved with weekly engagements.

Potential Customers

I see such sponsorship providing value for those looking to promote:

  • Testing Tools
  • Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Testing Services
  • Vacancies
  • anything testing related really


If you’re interested, you can find multiple ways to contact me in the page footer.

Thanks to Troy Hunt

I was inspired by Troy Hunt’s blog to try this on my own. He has clearly spent a lot of time getting this right, and I couldn’t improve on the approach, so, thank you Troy.