Whiteboard Testing

Whiteboard Testing is a YouTube channel I created dedicated to Software Testing. It consists of short videos, less than 10 minutes, incorporating a visual aid, in most cases a whiteboard. The channel currently has 20 videos from 7 authors with over 1000 subscribers and has had 30,000+ views.

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I started Whiteboard Testing to get some more informative software testing videos on YouTube. We are not talking an hour long videos, we are talking 5-10minutes to introduce an idea/concept, and those interested enough can reply, comment, video reply or research more for themselves.

Whiteboard Testing is an open channel so if you are interested in posting a video on Whiteboard Testing please contact me (via the many methods in my footer) with your video, a title and a short description. No fancy production required, as long as they are informative and include a whiteboard/flipchart to enhance the message, perfect! I'm looking for great content, that is going to help drive our craft forward.

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How Whiteboard Testing Was Created

So, a while back whilst researching a testing topic, I was searching on YouTube for relevant videos. I found myself in this cycle of thinking I had found something, then realising it was awful. Finding something different, but then realising it was an hour long. I was appalled at the quality of testing related videos on YouTube. The only good content I was finding were conference talks, but again, all very lengthy. I wanted something short, clear and to the point.

This nagged me for a while, I started thinking, I am sure a lot of people must turn to YouTube like I did, so therefore, they are being faced with the same poor videos I was finding. This isn't good for our craft. Especially if people are new or less aware about testing than I am, they may take some of these videos as gospel.

I decided to do something about it. I turned to my trusty whiteboard in the office and started scribbling, mapping out some ideas. Then it clicked, what if I recorded some videos in front of this board, using the board as "living" slides, so to speak. I could draw up models and critic them, I can write out key bullets point and add to them during the talk, I could pretty much do anything.

So there it was, I created Whiteboard Testing.